Argent ZaniMesh

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As a Front-End Engineer with expertise in React Native, React JS, NEXT.JS, and Figma, I specialize in creating visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces. I approach each project with meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to excellence, aiming to exceed expectations and deliver superior user experiences. I am eager to collaborate and transform visions into remarkable digital realities.

Recent projects

Event Ticketing App

Collaborated on designing and developing a React Native app for posting and purchasing tickets for various events, including sports matches, concerts, and parties etc. Implemented features such as event filtering, map views, user profiles, and seamless ticket purchasing, resembling a simple UX and UI.

Mobile Store Payment App

Designed and developed an app to bypass the 30% commission on mobile stores by providing a smooth payment process where users can make purchases on the web and seamlessly transition back to the app. Ensured a seamless and secure user experience.

Admin Dashboard for Event App

Built an admin dashboard for the event app described before, empowering superadmins to manage others admins, data, create events, handle user payments, and enforce rules.

Website for Event Ticketing App

Crafted an engaging and visually captivating marketing website for the event ticketing app, seamlessly showcasing its features and benefits to potential users.

Social Media Platform

Collaborated on a social media platform where users can register as normal users or creators, with creators able to publish paid content. Integrated payment system for in-app purchases.

Job Posting and Hiring App

Developed a React Native app where companies can post job openings, professionals can showcase their skills, and users can hire professionals or post job listings. Streamlined the job search process and facilitated connections between job seekers and employers.

Assessment Tool for Marketing Company

Designed and developed an assessment tool for a marketing company, allowing their clients to create assessments and distribute them via email, providing an intuitive and customizable assessment experience.

Bank web app

Contributed to the development of the frontend for a banking application ensuring a smooth and secure user experience.

Digital Business Solution Website

Worked on a website for a digital business solution company, showcasing their services and allowing HR to share content.

Translator and Interpreter Personal Website

Designed and developed a personal website for a translator and interpreter, showcasing their skills, services, and portfolio, providing a professional online presence.

Publishing platform

Created a publishing platform where users can act as both readers and journalists simultaneously. Users can post or read content, engage in discussions, and interact with articles.